Top 10 Best Male Masturbators

The Fleshlight Launch makes the top of our list. It simply is the best hands-free male masturbator and male sex toy due to its versatility and how damn good it feels. It’s an extraordinary experience to have the Launch do all the work, at the perfect tempo, bouncing up and down on your dick. You just have to sit back, put on your favorite porno or VR (virtual reality) video, and let the Launch do the rest. After many, many uses, I always finished with a smile on my face and euphoria that I rarely receive from traditional masturbation.

Here are a few of the product highlights.

Up to 180 strokes per minute! No hand can reach that level of speed and tempo.

Do you want just to lay back while the latest and greatest technology masturbates you? 

Would you like to feel an orgasm far beyond what your hand could ever achieve? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Self-pleasure has never been easier, or more fun. We’ve taken a look at this year’s greatest sex toy releases, and bring you a list of the best male masturbators

The Onyx2 is similar to the Launch but uses a pressure grip system as the primary pleasure design. While Fleshlights use unique pleasure chambers that massage and suction your penis from head to shaft, the Onyx2 uses tightening rings. Don’t get me wrong the tightening rings feel nice, feel great even. That said, they just don’t feel as good as a Fleshlight. The onyx2 feels like you’re being deep-throating. Definitely a great feeling, but not quite as pleasurable as the Launch.

Compatible with VR. The Fleshlight specific VR videos will actually sink the movements of the woman with your Launch.

Quick charging with a USB cable.

Free regular software updates to fix any software issues, extend battery life and make VR porn better.

For all the good the Flashlight Launch offers, there are some small annoyances. We really hate the lack of button controls. The flashlight has instead opted for controls that mimic our smartphones, like dragging across a touch screen. We get it, you’re trying to market this thing as some space-age technology. That’s cool and all but the lack of buttons can be annoying, especially if you have any lube on your fingers. There is some silver lining to a lack of buttons, however. It makes cleanup faster and simpler.

The Onyx2 by Kiiroo is another hands-free, automated experience. Kiiroo is an Amsterdam based company that wants to completely revolutionize the industry by bringing the most interactive experience. Kiiroo focuses heavily on having good VR pornography to work in tandem with their masturbator. The experience is very interactive and a lot of fun to experience.

The Kiiroo Onyx2 upfront cost looks similar to the Launch, but it’s actually quite a bit cheaper. With the Fleshlight Launch, you need to purchase a sleeve separately. The Onyx2 has its own built-in sleeve.

The Eggs also come in a variety of different styles and textures. As of today, there are 18 different textures. I suggest picking up a variety pack of the hard-boiled Tenga Eggs. They are a bit of a step up from the “regular”. The inner designs are more intricate and feel better designed.

Initially, I wasn’t going to place the Tenga Egg so high up on the list. However, it excels in one area so much that I just had to add it. It’s great for men on the move. It looks exactly like an actual egg. You can place it in your pocket, toss it in your suitcase, or keep it in a backpack. At under 1lb, it is extremely lightweight, concealable, and discreet.