Learn About the World’s Strange Love Doll Weddings

You may have heard of strange marriage customs around the world. But have you heard of love doll weddings? Have you ever been involved in one?

Just like normal weddings of ordinary men and women, unusual weddings have become one of the popular trends in today’s society. Around the world, there are people (both men and women) married to “non-humans”, but it does exist.

Strange weddings in real life

A man in Los Angeles, USA, Chavinaq’s wedding object is a cell phone, he went to great lengths to hold a marriage ceremony, but also signed a marriage certificate. The wedding notary was surprised, saying that this wedding was definitely the strangest of all the weddings I have witnessed.

A 28-year-old Korean-Japanese man, Lee Jin-kyu, got married to the pillow in Tokyo because he fell in love with the female protagonist of the Japanese anime “Magical Girl Nanoha” series, Fate Testa Rosa, who was printed on the pillow, under the auspices of a Japanese priest!

A 35-year-old man from Tokyo, Japan, announced he would marry Hatsune Miku, inviting a total of about 39 friends to witness his wedding to the future Hatsune. He had been bullied by a female colleague, resulting in a suspension and a traumatic experience. Until later, when he heard Hatsune Miku, he fell in love with her at once.

An old man in his eighties in Brazil fell in love with his family’s goat and spent nearly three years convincing his children to finally enter into marriage with the goat as he wished. The old man says his goat “wife” is full of good things, she does not look like a nagging woman, and does not have a gold-digging… …

Felicity from the United States and her zombie doll Kelly had a beautiful wedding. The wedding cost a total of $500 and Felicity’s family and friends and her other dolls were guests at the wedding. She believes that Kelly is the love of her life and believes that marrying the doll will bring them both closer together. Her four-year relationship with Kelly the doll began a new journey through marriage, and they now look forward to raising a child with donated sperm.

Married for terminal cancer

Once a man named Bo Song reportedly chose to marry a love doll because he had intracranial arachnoid cysts. He was afraid of being tied to someone because he didn’t want to leave a widow or a fatherless child crying for himself. The “newlyweds” posed in various romantic positions and took several heartwarming wedding photos. The doll can be seen wearing a beautiful white wedding dress, while in another photo, it is wearing a rhinestone-encrusted and sequined lavender dress.

Synthetic love

David Carter believes that technology can bring love, and he lives with his “wife” and “lover”, both of whom are love dolls. He bought his future wife, Karenikou, for $6,000 online. It is made of silicone, very soft, the body structure is complete, and even has a fake tongue. They are not legally married, but they both wear rings engraved with the words “Love will always live on”. He is planning to celebrate his 15th wedding anniversary. Elena, the “lover” David purchased later in life, is the newest member of the family, and the three of them are now living in an apartment in Michigan.

If we were to make a list of people who had intimate relationships with love dolls, it would take much longer than you think. Whether it’s a man or a woman, everyone is looking for plenty of simulated sex dolls for love and companionship. They don’t just do it for the original function of the doll, they will also shop and play like a real life partner. In Japan, Chiji Nakajima and Masayuki Ozaki, two older men, often take their redheads for walks and shopping trips that seem like a normal thing to do. With a doll around, you too can live a happy life, just like these real-life doll buyers.