How to pick the best Costa Rica Hotel for you?

Even though a lot of people are scared to have a trip during the Covid-19 pandemic, some are still happy to get on the plane and enjoy some beach time. Learn more about Covid-19 here.

If you’re in love with Costa Rica, like many others are, you’re probably wondering how to find yourself the best hotel in this country in Middle America. Lying between the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, it is one of the best places in the world.

In this article, we’re going to go over a few details that you need to know before booking a hotel there. Follow up if you want to know more!

Learn about Covid-19

Before you take your trip, you should know where you’re going, you must know about the dangers. At the moment, the biggest threat is the coronavirus pandemic. In the country, there are over 60,000 people infected and the issue is serious.

Around 1000 people get infected daily. That tells you how serious it is. If you’re planning to go there, make sure you follow the safety protocols. Wear the mask on your face, wash your hands as often as possible, and avoid crowded places.

When you look for a hotel, make sure they follow the safety protocols too. Write them a mail with questions and ask them if they have all the needed equipment and procedures to protect you. If they don’t provide the necessary, look for another else.

Beware of scams

With the new situation, a lot of hotels are being shut down. There’s no work, so this is utterly logical. When you’re booking your stay, make sure the agency you’re doing it through is safe. If it is a website, first go through the internet and look up their reputation. Don’t trust pages that offer affordable accommodation while their reputation is questionable.

For example, the famous Hotel Del Rey in Costa Rica was recently shut down. If you find an offer that says it’s working, then you know you’re being scammed. Avoid working with companies that are not trusted.

Understand your needs

The first thing you need to do before looking for a hotel is to understand what exactly is it that you’re looking for. Not all people have the same idea of vacationing. Some love one thing while others are enjoying other things.

When you’re searching through the internet, almost all websites have the option to set up your own search requirements. For example, some people love to have a sea view. Without this, they don’t consider the vacation full. Choose the option to have a sea view room and see what the system will provide.

Of course, you can never be sure that you’ve picked the best place until you arrive at the location. At the place, you’ll see a lot of other apartments and hotels that offer an even better view.

Look for clients’ reviews

Before you make your final choice, it’s important to see what previous customers at a certain place experienced. Let’s say you really like a particular hotel and you’re ready to book, but the overall score of this place is disastrous.

Check out to see what people say about it. The comment section will provide some honest answers. People will provide the information you need. The cleanliness, the staff, facilities, location, food, all these things are important. If you can’t go over a certain issue that previous customers say it’s awful, then you know that you must search for something else.

Clients’ reviews are the best way to experience a place without ever being there. If a particular place has 100 reviews, and all these people say the hotel is amazing, then you can’t go wrong. But if half of them were annoyed by something, then booking there is risking the enjoyment of your stay. See why reviews are important here:

How to pick the best Costa Rica Hotel for you?


These few points should be enough to know what to do before finding the best hotel in Costa Rica. The capital San Jose is an amazing place and the ocean is just spectacular. The beaches are some of the best ones in the world, while the people there are hospitable as they can be. Use these tips and find yourself the best hotel in the country.