How to give a perfect erotic massage according to our London Escorts

How to give a perfect erotic massage according to our London Escorts

One of the most requested services from Theory Love Escorts girls are their highly desired erotic massages, which make any man’s head spin. And many wonder how these girls get to that level of agility, but the truth is that you have to have a few tricks up your sleeve if you want to replicate that satisfaction on someone else, be it your partner, a sexual partner, or your escort herself.

Since these girls are not selfish, today they will share with you a few of their tricks. To be a good masseuse you don’t have to master years and years of training or fancy stuff, just these little techniques will do the trick:

To massage, create a pleasant atmosphere

Believe it or not, a big part of the massages and their effectiveness is the place where they are performed. If at some point you are going to do one, make sure that the room is set for this type of activity, either with candles, relaxing music or low lights, whatever you have at hand. And from there, start your strategy. Before sex, it is a good warm-up, so you can go with your hands making small and suitles rubbing in the parts that warm up your partner.

Heat to release tension in the body

This is a very good technique, and derives from using candles that are specific for massages. They are usually made of essential oils and will give off a satisfactory scent for both of you. By lighting it and letting it fall a little on your partner’s body, besides giving that little spark of emotion, you can complement it by releasing the accumulated tensions with heat and a little pressure on the muscles. Especially on the back, neck, arms and thighs, which are erogenous zones and are easy to massage even for an inexperienced person.

Movements to do

If you have no idea what exact movements to make your partner enjoy, our london escorts advise us to concentrate first on the back and make circles with the skin of your hands in the opposite direction of the dorsals. There is always tension there and you can play with the pressure, the size of the circles, and you can go up and down to more erogenous areas.

Remember that it is an erotic massage, and not a real massage, so even when you are looking to relax you can’t press too hard or you will end up leaving the person sore. And always seek, little by little, to get closer to those more interesting areas.

It is also very important that you listen to your partner, as she can guide you on her own to the areas where she wants you to run your hands. You can even take her hands and use the oils to run them over her own body. Get creative, massages have no limits.

And if you want a live example to know what it feels like, you can always hire a London escort to give you a personal lesson with a happy ending.